Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015

I'm happy and proud

Hello and sorry at first.
Last week at one day I have seen a lot and I wanted to report but the Internet wasn't good enough and now the other guys from Germany, Austria, Portugal and Spain are here for one week. So we haven't to do something else. We come home very late and the we mostly go to sleep because we do a lot of things.
On the last sunday the others were coming and I was at the sea.
Momentually we have a great time and I also think that I would write a few sentences all days, but I also think that I would explain to you all things next week when it isn't so stressful.

Today I wan't to write something about a very special person in my life. Her name is Lisa and she is only 8 years old. She is my sister and every day she is looking into my blog. To see if have wrote something new. So my posts are in english, but my sister is sitting in front of the computer and read all the things I wrote so often until she understands what I mean. She had translated all my english posts on her own with only a little help. Now what I really want to say is, that I'm very happy that I will come back home in only 9 days and I'm very proud of her that she translate all. I have a lot of respect for her.

I wish you all a good night.

Ciao Lara

Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

Friday and Saturday

Friday wasn't a very normal schoolday because two girls from our class don't felt so good. I don't know what happened but it was a litte bit strange.

Yesterday I was laying in my bed the whole day it was very nice.

Today I go throw the city like I wanted to do it on thursday and after I go to a HipHop contest where Michela will dance.

Ciao Lara


It was a normal schoolday but I wasn't in school because the parents from Michela 
say I don't need to go to school because we came back very late the day before. So I slept very 
long and then I was going  through the city to see some sights but when I was at the
first sight Michela called me and told me that I have to come to school because after the school finished we the people from Erasmusproject have to go to the festival from the organisation eTwinning. There they celebrated the 10th Birthday from eTwinning and we hoped it would be in english but it wasn't. So our teacher says after the first presentation, that we can go home because we never understand something and why we have to be there I think because sitting on a chair I can do everywhere else.

Ciao Lara


Hey Guys.

Sorry but in the last days I always was so tired from the day, that I fell asleep so fast.
On Wednesday we were in florence for an Erasmus+ festival but it wasn't so good.
The city was very beautiful but the festival was in italian so we can't understand anything.
We were a little bit angry about this and then our train comes very late in the evening so the day wasn't the best but in the end nevertheless i was happy that I was there.

Ciao Lara

     At the fastival
     From a bridge in florence

Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015

Too warm to do something

Hello Guys!

Today it was so warm, I had the feeling that I would melt when I am too long in the sun.
But I was walking a long time.
Today I saw the Colloseum, the foro romano and the palatino. It was so beautiful and the good thing was that it was free for me because I'm under 18 years. I also was inside of the Colloseum and it was very fantastic.
Today it was very strangely that so much persons ask me if I can take a photo from them and the other days when I am at a sight everyone ignore me. So because I am friendly and I like it to help people I take the photos but for me it feels a little bit strange and I don't know why.
The hill of palatino is also a great parc and very beautiful. I also was in the palatino museum and I think it wasn't very interesting the only think inside which was nice were the sculptures.
From the hill you can see the roofs from rome what is nice and also beautiful.
the foro romano was full of turists and the sun was shining on my head  so much that i could not be so long there but what I saw was beautiful and with a good fantasy it was not so difficult to imagine what there was standing a long time ago.

That was my fantastic day.

Ciao Lara

     The palatino museum
     the foro romano

Montag, 4. Mai 2015


Today we all were filmstars because today we have taken fotos and videos for our film at the end of the long time visit. It was very funny and we all had fun too. We were also walking through the city and take fotos.

At the end Michela take a foto from Antoniò, Anja, Caro, Elisa and Me. You can see the foto at the end of the post.

Tomorrow we haven't school so I can go out and see something interesting.

On Wednesday we go to florence!!! I'm so happy about this!!

But now I have to sleep.

Ciao Lara

Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

Weekend is over

Wow...the five days are over so fast and I wanted to see so much but I was only going out for one day. I hope I can find so much time for sightseeing again because I want to see more.

Ciao Lara